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Welcome to KYC India

KYC(Know Your Corporate)is a project for those who are undergraduate and graduate from any stream. KYC is the concept of giving hand to the fresh candidates for getting a white collar job in the corporate. KYC is the skill development program which push the candidates to the next level for getting corporate job easily, which is founded by Mr. Vishal Baban Waghmare. Now KYC is registered skill India program and it is getting good response from the candidates all over Maharashtra.


Our vision is to bring overall advancement in the society by enabling the young and bright minds to achieve what they desire to.

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Attract and develop talented and committed human resource, and provide an environment conducive to innovation, creativity,and entrepreneurial leadership.

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Whys us?

We are here to increase the employability skills of our students at institutional and industrial level.

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Our Services

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Advanced Computer Skills

Developing computer or information technology (IT) skills can help you access a range of resources and services, such as online banking or shopping. If you want to progress to further learning, getting to grips with computers and the internet can help you save time and give you access to lots of free online resources.

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Personality Development

Personal development can simply be for fun. Most of us, however, find it easier to motivate ourselves to learn and improve if we have a purpose in doing so. Developing your personal vision - a clear idea of where you want to be in a few months or years, and why - is a crucial part of developing this purpose.

Our Courses

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  • What is corporate?
  • Types of department
  • Organization chart
  • HR policies
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    Corporate Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office is today the most effective application suite
  • For many needs, the Internet becomes the platform for communication and presentation of information par excellence.
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    Corporate Communication Skills

  • Basic Communication
  • Intrapersonal Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Decoding & Encoding